I think my house has ghosts....

Hello guys, it's been a while since i last posted here but this time i really want to share something that bothers me. It's been a while since i went back to my hometown. The house that my family own there (east coast state) is normal in the eyes of the majority who has had the opportunity to visit it. It is located in the suburbs in a middle class "cul de sac" type neighborhood, with three bedrooms and a sizable yard. In addition, the said house is always occupied by either my boisterous parents, happy go lucky relatives, and noisy teenage cousins. So it's not some eerie, quiet, downtrodden cabin in the woods. The last place where you would experience a haunting. Last week though made me think otherwise...

We have a sizable yard at front adjacent to the main neighborhood road. So it was well lighted and it had only a few shrubs and bushes. When i got there, my father immediately went in and was sharing his usually dirty but hilarious jokes, as such the atmosphere was jolly. I paused a bit and stared at the neighborhood and the yard...i reminisced a bit as i missed the place. As soon as the house a got a bit quiet though (my family presumably all went to the kitchen) i felt very uneasy and very cold. A sharp stabbing type of cold that was unusual to our place. I immediately felt uncomfortable, stumbling and shaking to collect my luggage from my dad's suv which was still on the curb. As soon as i was race walking towards the door with all my luggage i saw a five foot tall, hunchbacked shaped shadow that moved quite fast. It was moving across the yard in between me and the house. As soon as it passed and was beyond sight (i didn't bother to stare at it), i dropped all my stuff and ran towards the house.

As soon as i opened the door i was surprised to see that my parents and several cousins were still in the living room watching tv. Strange i thought, i was fairly certain that the noise they were making would certainly be heard outside, so my assumption that they all went to the kitchen was totally wrong.

All of these happened in an average of five minutes...I still could not believe that there would be something here at home, at the lawn, in a very "normal" part of my hometown (a city by the way). Also i was scared by the fact that that thing, what ever it is, had the capability to block out other sensory stimuli, namely my hearing. I did not sleep that night.

Was it an ordinary ghost? Why are shadows the usual manifestations as evidenced by the numerous other posts here regarding the matter? Can these things actually control or disturb our senses or was it just my fright? Was it an optical illusion despite the area being well lighted and clear?

Whatever the hell it was, it somehow made me think that spirits and what have you may and WILL be present where ever you are...

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Hmmm, shadow people eh? Strange though, shadow people usually feed on fear and that positive thinking kinda makes em go away.

Yeah, i read that about shadow people. I felt happy then being able to return home after sometime. So yeah...

I have a ghost too. Not the scary kind, but annoying nevertheless.

Sometimes you just have to live with it. Kind of like, a husband who annoys you on a daily basis.

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