If we are not alone in the universe, do you think aliens have spiritual encounters like us?

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Now that is an interesting question! I say, if we have em..then they've gotta have em too. Their ghosts might even look like us!

I would say, yes. 

I would think they do. This brings to mind, when a new girl came from Chicago to our school. I was the one who gave her a tour and eventually became best friends. I would do the same for aliens, as long as they are the hospitable type. 

I believe we are not alone. Earth is one of the smallest planets in the solar system. Surly, we cannot be the only planet out of thousands in many galaxies that have life form, whether human or not. I'm hoping human though.

My guess would be yes, but I'm wondering what their spiritual deities would be like.

I don't believe we are alone in the universe, but I also don't beliieve that aliens have come to tea either!

They are the ghosts that haunt us in the middle of the night! lol

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