Is it a bird, plane or an ALIEN?!

This pic was taken by an amateur photographer in the Netherlands. She used a HDR feature on her camera that shoots 3 pics at the same time, then overlap the pictures to get the full spectrum of light. And this is what she caught in the pic:

The pictures was analyzed by a special FBI agent. He concluded the pic was probably not a fake; however, he added, he believes pics of this sort are of bugs! In fact, a famous filmmaker concurred that insects were one of the biggest nuisances along with dust which get too close to the lens and cause the images.

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It looks like a dragonfly to me.

LOL! You're right Ashley, it does look like a dragonfly! :-0

Ahh yes! To be a fly on the wall...or in this case, a dragonfly on a lense. lol

Look at Brandi's avatar on the member's list. Does anyone see a resemblance? 

Yes I definitely see the resemblance Carl! Nice pic of the castle though.

Looks like a turbo zeppelin. XD

Good one Danny! It looks like a nuclear torpedo to me.

Excalibur sword!

hmmmm, I'm trying to think of something clever, and I'm drawing a blank. Soooooo, I'm going to put my vote for Excalibur's Sword!

Sub torpedo is my vote.

nuclear-powered submarine with torpedo  

Do you guys mean cruise missle? Coz i have the impression that torpedoes are underwater. And it says Raytheon on the side, LOL...weaphun contrucktor cough cough.

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