Is someone there!

Recently, I've had the feeling that someone (ghost) is watching me. I can almost glimpse it at the corner of my eye. Has anyone gone through similar experiences?

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Yes...yes...yes! This has happened to me many times too. I don't get un-nerved by it anymore. I think, it could be one of my relatives that passed. 

yes I have but I really don't think those were ghosts ... sometimes my eyes plays tricks on me. 

I've gone through it too. Just chalk it up to the unexplained.

I know someone is there! I'm thinking it's one of my relatives who passed over.

I bet most people have experienced it. Just like others have said, it's just something we can't explain or have knowledge about.

Hi Jackie. I noticed your Egyptian pyramid icon. When I was visiting Egypt for the first time, I went inside one of the pyramids to view the one chamber that was supposedly to be the burial chamber for the pharoah. It's a steep and hot climb up tiny steps. On the way up, someone touched the back of my shoulder. When I turned around, no one was there!

I used to feel that someone was watching me, but only from time to time. I guess everyone has at some point in their lives.

Yep..I'm sure most people have felt this at one time or another. I believe it has to do with the paranormal or else why would we feel this way. It's not random.

i dont know but i think i've read something about it as a natural phenomena which is caused by our eyes. but yet again no one can judge another one's experience :) 

What would our eyes have to do with it? It's our instincts.

I think the eyes have a lot to do with it because everything we perceive is processed by our minds. And these stimuli gathered by our senses generate thoughts and feelings. When we see something we don't understand our mind certainly attempts to explain and reason out stuff. 

I agree with Jackie. Our instincts give us the 'fight or flight' response. Think about babies. They cannot speak, yet they can discern someone good or bad in front of them. They are not processing stimuli; rather, their internal instincts react to what they determine as good or bad. We as adults do the same.

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