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Last month was very interesting. I went to a couple of places one of them to a camping trip at Arizona's Petrified Forest near Holbrook. It was a fairly quiet place and was accessible only by a small winding foot trail. The foot trail runs along a quiet brook which was evidently untouched by anyone for a long time...the moss on the rocks were quite thick. The trailed stretched out from road 40 for about two and a half miles and on its end, a really really very old cabin made out of oak.

I had a couple of buddies with me...a pretty large group of about 15. Some were friends of friends and some girlfriends. So we were a stark contrast of noise behind the peaceful and pristine backdrop. Nobody ever told us to quiet down so we did what we did. Barbecuing, shooting some guns, playing acoustic guitars (we had five and were playing rather vigorously).

On our last night however it winded a bit down and most of us were grouped up around a large campfire telling jokes and sharing some cheesy gossip. I somehow ended up alone smoking on the opposite side of the cabin where our campfire was situated. Despite being sure of us being isolated in the area i habitually made sure i locked and closed the cabin doors before i rejoined my group. Surprisingly as my hand was on the second door knob of the second door, it suddenly slammed on itself hurting my wrist (which still hurts until now so i think i might to get it xrayed)...a fraction of a second later, the door suddenly swung open. I presumed that it was just the wind but upon checking the cabin interior, i found out that all of the other doors and windows were already closed and locked. I thought about it for a moment. I was sure the wind that blew on me came from inside the cabin and there was no other possible way that that gust of sharp cold wind came from the outside. In addition, we (i called my friends to investigate) also checked the fire place because the wind may have blown down from the our gaping mouthed surprise, I was sealed off (Ben, one of my gaming buds who decided to come along made sure it was closed because he was scared of insects and animals crawling down from the chimney.) Half of us got spooked, half of my friends, much to my chagrin begun to torture me with very convincing scary stories.

I still think about what happened to this day. Pondering upon the possibility that it might be a poltergeist or just some freak wind that was magically generated in the middle of an enclosed space (is that even possible?). 

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Hey's it hangin? Have you ever ruled out the possibility that it was some kind of prank? :D 

I am still bugging the buggers until today. (Chris is here with me right now firmly saying no.) So, i dunno...

Sounds like a prank to me Trey. Maybe they were just hiding inside the cabin. lol

Sounds like a hostile spirit to me. I would have high-tailed it outta there!

I would have been spooked too! Not partial to slamming doors in front of me, especially when no one can be seen. I'd have to bail.

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