Old Lady with a Deck of Playing Cards

I met random old lady last year. She offered to read my future with a deck of old moldy playing cards. I don't usually give a damn about fortune telling but that was one of the times that my gut told me it would be interesting. She asked me questions about my life. She asked me if I was married and if I had great ambitions in life. During her interrogation she was arranging the cards flipping them one by one in a manner that is repetitive and hypnotic. She shuffle it and made me divide the cards in four and placed the stacks on the table. She started flipping them again. She told me stuff, not just random stuff but personal things that involve my life. She pinpointed my dilemmas my regrets and premonitions of what is to come in my life. I did not break my cover, I tried to look skeptical but I was like kicked inside. I whispered to myself, "How the hell did she come by these assumptions?".

I felt disturbed and naked after the weird session but in general it was interesting.

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That's cool. I think that lady could be a witch or something. lol 

i just remembered the time i went to a spirit medium/fortune teller with a friend. It was a strange experience to see all the roman catholic figurines on her walls. There were about thousands of them displayed in her living room where she entertain her clients. There were crosses, Santo Ninos, virgin mary statues, and statues of Jesus in different sizes and designs. She also read the future with a deck of playing cards but the weren't moldy. The place really had a strange aura. I think she's covering up the dark energies with godly images.. i think. 

Next time you visit a psychic. Don't tell her anything. Tell her, to tell YOU!

@John Barker, I did not visit a psychic. It was by change I met someone who claimed to be one and I played along. I only answered mostly yes or no. She just blasted all about the details that poked the right spots.

@Rudy, I have no Idea, maybe it was just her "method" or something. I can't disclose all of them, but one of them would be about my younger brother who passed away. She mentioned things that made me sick and feel that i was ripped apart with regret. 

What did she tell you?

***chance I met someone who claimed to be ... 

She told me about what I could have done and how I could have handled the situation. 

It seems to me, anyone could have told you the same thing, especially after she pumped you for answers to her questions.

I don't believe in fortune tellers, most of them assume to be psychic and claim to have special gifts when all they do is turn you around and make you believe they are real. I think they do calculate the odds to make them seem more authentic by asking you questions.. 

I don't believe in fortune tellers in a sense that no one can really predict our future. Usually, with this kind of thing, fortune tellers tries to be safe in saying that they are only giving guidelines to prevent themselves from the blame when their predictions aren't accurate. On the other hand, when they hit it right, they claim that it is due to their ability and they are really good. Some people just test if fortune tellers can really tell their future.

Those people are scammers. No one can predict your future-especially via cards!

How someone can predict someone's future through a deck of cards is just moronic!

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