Ouija Board/Spirit Board - Can this instrument really be used to communicate with the dead?

My mother warned me of the consequences of meddling and disturbing the souls in the afterlife. She even warned me not to attempt to use any type of Ouija Board, whether makeshift or the original artifact. Her tale of the time she used the board really scares me but born out of this fear is the urge to try it myself. But what would become of me ? Who will answer my summons? 

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Is there really a spirit of the coin? As I can remember when I was still a kid, a friend invited me to play spirit of the coin. It seems funny because who can a spirit enter in a coin unlike in the spirit of the glass. I find it weird actually. Do you guys believe in it? I tried to join her to satisfy my curiosity but to my dismay, nothing have happened too. She told me that maybe the spirit does not want to communicate to us that's why nothing has happened.

lol .. my friends in grade school tried that coin thingy... but i thought it was hilarious. But I do believe if you call upon someone or something there would still be a response. 

My opinion is to only do so very carefully and with positive attitudes,  THIS does not however mean this is a wise activity.  I have been called a "sensitive" since I was 8 and was seeing a number of apparitions, a neighbor that had passed away, a young girl that died in my childhood home before my family had bought it.  I "played" with a Ouija board game and had serious activity and some pretty serious nightmares.  Do I myself recommend using one?  No,  but anything you do i hope you do with a great amount of caution.  

I don't think it is something you mess around with. Nothing good can come from it.

The ouija board is a tool to conjure evil spirits. It's nothing more than that. In the picture above, a pentagram is clearly drawn on it. Enough said.

Silly stupid! Just like the white noise on a TV is a way to communicate with the dead. Give me a break!

This is stupid. 

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