Slowing diminishing abilties

It's been a while since my last post. I have been busy for awhile, college, a new job, and a few travels here and there. The thing is i have this friend who claims to see or feel ghosts. She and i have been close associates in college and at old and current job and is pretty much my best friend. The thing is ever since our stressful moments in school, she says that she has ceased to see and sense spirits or ghosts. She quite upset about. Can anyone give me some advice? What can i tell her? Is it possible to "regain" this ability?

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I have heard of people losing their "third eye" after sometime. My advice, or rather my uncle's advice is to seek a trusted medium. Well, as for me...a peaceful or spiritually inductive quiet place is a good place to rest your mind coz your friend is stressed like you right? Ciao! 

I'd like to hear some of her stories. What did she see?

P.S. I don't believe in Mediums. If she saw ghosts before, chances are, she will see them again.

The "ABILITIES" are NEVER,,, lost...♥

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