What's the most eerie and hair raising movie you have ever seen?

For me it's got to be The Exorcist (1973) film .. It wasn't that shocking and heart pumping like modern asian horror films but it gave me a deep feeling of fear inside my core. 

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The 6th Sense. It wasn't a horror movie really, but sort of I guess. One of the best movie ever fooled me.

Great! You just had to add the pic! Now the nightmares will start all over again! I saw this movie when I was 10 yrs. I was traumatized by it for many years. Just looking at that pic again, brings back memories of utter horror. ugh.... 

Woah sorry about that :) , it was truly a masterpiece. It sucks movies today don't really give a lasting impression or a lasting scar of any sort. I would also love to mention movies like Omen (1976), Night of the living dead (1990), the thing (1982) and Poltergeist (1982). I love them! 

Damn right Miharu, old schools movies were REAL movies with REAL stories. I wish the horror genre would shine back to its former glory. I wish they would stop the stereotypes, dumb cliches, and empty plots..

I have watched "The Night of the Living Dead". This film has really made me scream at the top of my lungs even in repeated viewing. Although I am afraid of watching horror movies but ironically, watching this type of flicks gets me fascinated and I love movies that involves zombies. Everytime I watch a film like this, I feel like I am in the actual situation and does not know what to do if I see zombies in front of me. 

Yes! night of the living dead was badass back then... including dawn of the dead (original).. but now most of the zombie flicks suck.. except walking dead of course ..lol

I think house on haunted hill was freaky for me back then.. 

I love horror films that comes from different countries. I love japanese horror films. They are really morbid and you will really gets scared of the brutal acts and scenarios that might get you vomit. They really look real. I have also seen Korean and Thai horror films but they are not that good. Horror films from Phillipines are also good. They don't show much morbid scenes but the story is quite creative and tricky.

@Bestsy, that's cool.. japanese horror movies make me turn the lights on.. or gets me really paranoid with going in the comfort room. Hanako-san...Hanako-san...Hanakooo-saaan~

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