Some say that ghosts are earthbound spirits who have not moved on. Others say they are demons. Who or what are they exactly?

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My guess would be both. 

I agree. And I know they are amongst us.

We live in parallel worlds-the carnal and spiritual. They are intertwined for both good and evil. Most of the time, we don't notice that the spirit world lives amongst us, because they are not blatantly obvious. However, on some occasions they make their presence known to particular people of their choosing. Why? It's anyone's guess.  

I say, they are the good, the bad, and the ugly.

They are from the spirit world, which we know very little about. I can just tell you, they're real and active.

Just an annoyance!

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"It would be interesting to board that ship and see if it has ghosts. It has something!"
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"Doesn't seem like he did."
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"That's funny Charlize! I'm thinking that maybe someone was tortured to death in that jail. It could explain the ghost. Sounds reasonable."

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