I have gone through numerous supernatural experiences, and most people think I'm making it all up. Why do you think I've seen things, while others haven't? I don't believe in mediums and the like. I'm a simple person, living a normal life (except the occasional spiritual incidents). Is there a reason you think?

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Maybe some people will know what to do with the experience, for example, to inform people that Heaven and Hell are real places.

I doubt if anyone could answer your question. I believe there is a reason for everything, so maybe one day, the mystery will be revealed.

They could be trying to send a message...or...get that person's attention, thinking they might remember a love one who passed. Just a guess.

Clyde thinks ghosts appear to people who are deep thinkers. Not sure what he means by that, but it could be right.

Hello! I'm new here! IS there any chance that you are an emphatic person? A good listener? 

Hi Ruben..Well that definitely makes sense. 

I chalk it up to, being in the right/wrong place at the time.

I've never seen a ghost, but I've felt their presence. Does that count?

Your post reminded me of the movie, Men in Black. Both spirits and aliens could walk amongst us, in our forms! Makes you look at your neighbor in a whole different light.

I agree, Carl. You just never know.

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"I was wondering that too Chloe. I think the guy was trying to make a buck by saying it was haunted."
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"Gone forever, but never forgotten!"
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"I don't agree with Paul and Charlize. People keep silent about their paranormal experiences, because of the above type statements- they must be on drugs, or they must be crazy, etc. Shame on you."
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