WOW! They see them too!

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Hmmm...A lot of these folks were in rehab. I'm not saying, they didn't see what they saw, but there are many hallucinogenics out there!

That's funny and sad at the same time.

Now now ladies..We cannot assume every celebrity is a user, nor can we assume that they saw ghosts because of a drug. I'm happy that they are speaking up. Not everyone will admit to having spiritual encounters from the other side. Hey! That sounds like a good name for a movie..."Spiritual encounters from the other side" Am I artistic or what!

Yes Clyde, I would say, you have a flare for the strange! haha

John, I will take that as a complement. We both experienced 'strange' occurrences in our lives. Now we know, we are not alone. Hollywood has seen them too! :)

Charlize has it right! Well done mate.

I don't agree with Paul and Charlize. People keep silent about their paranormal experiences, because of the above type statements- they must be on drugs, or they must be crazy, etc. Shame on you.

You may have a point Jackie. 

Yeah, it was a pretty good point that Jackie made.

It is, what it is.

More celebrities should step up and say something. They are apt to be heard. I'm sure many of them had some kind of paranormal experience. Speak up and share!

They should speak up. We are not alone.....Did anyone read about the scientist who say aliens work amongst us? Do you think he watched too many re-runs of Men in Black? haha

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