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The Benevolent Ouija

By Amy Bennett, Tri-City NYPS Lead Investigator

Trends.   There are a lot of them.   As a society, we see them come and go as fast as the Japanese Bullet train, and sometimes as slow as a banana slug on the sidewalk.  It seems like most of the time, trends are easily dismissive and go without even a second thought; they just pass through time with no one waiting on the platform to get aboard whatever it is.  Sometimes they pertain to diets, sometimes they pertain to the meaning of…


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The Egyptian Nile

The ancient Egyptian culture is perhaps one of the most fascinating of all time. The pharoahs along with their elaborate lifestyles have given a treasure trove of information to us. I have travelled around the world and enjoyed learning about many civilizations, Egypt by far is my favorite. It's almost an obsession. I find myself thinking about the undiscovered tombs, temples and the everyday life that hasn't changed much for the last 5000 years. The Egyptian have a saying, "Once you drink…


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Open mindedness or just plain naive? You decide.

By Gary Robusto, Tri-City NYPS Founder

  As a paranormal researcher for 18 yrs now, I have seen, experienced and witnessed a lot of different things in our field. After all, we are investigators of events, witness claims, other investigators' claims, outside contacts & clients and most of all the countless hours of data collected from each case that we do. It's our job and responsibility to keep an open, unbiased mindset in all the work that we do.  As a person that conducts…


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I like people who shake other people up and make them feel uncomfortable. -Jim Morrison

By Amy Bennett, Tri-City NYPS Lead Investigator

   We grow up thinking that everything there is to know, is known.  Everything is the way it is; it will forever remain that way.  This is so limiting.  In fact, it is so limiting that it is destructive, yet we're teaching this understanding to each other so subtly and almost 'undercover'.  We are so accustomed to knowing and taking in what we're taught with such adamancy of fact, that we hardly ever even think to question any of…


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Because I Heard it was Haunted

By Amy Bennett, Tri-City NYPS Lead Investigator

There is one saying that acts as a common justification for trespassing into all sorts of abandoned and/or derelict structures, outdoor properties, and anywhere else that the saying can apply:  "...because I heard it was haunted."  Not only does it justify trespassing, it justifies complete disregard for the memory of the deceased and the preservation of history.


That statement alone has allowed so many people to feel…


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We captured an EVP of "Anna" on our recorder

   By Gary Robusto, Tri-City NYPS Founder & Group Leader

   As human beings, we always need to have some sort of understanding in everything that we do, see, hear and witness. We try to always put a name with a face, recognize someones voice and always try to wrap our brains around things that happen to us. That's how we function in everyday life. It's like seeing someone you know you've seen before and then rattling your brain to remember how you know that person, even…


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Good Sleuthing, Sherlock, But That's Not Evidence

By Amy Bennett, Tri-City NYPS Lead Investigator

"Paranormal Evidence"

   That is a phrase that to me, holds very little water, and doesn't seem to be able to stay afloat in too many arguments of an intelligent nature.  There isn't a lot of paranormal evidence that can hold its own in a court of law either; it's not something you'd present at a murder trial, we'll just say that.  Yet…


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The "Flashlight Test": True facts or home entertainment?

By Gary Robusto, Tri-City NYPS Founder & Head Investigator

"Please turn the flashlight on," “Only turn the light on for yes answers,” "Can you turn the light back off for us?" These are the sayings some of us use while conducting what’s known as a flashlight session to try and communicate with anything supposedly ghostly around us. Is this form of communication acceptable in the paranormal community? Is it possible evidence that we are having a live-time paranormal…


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The Wendigo




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Bhangarh Fort : The City of Trapped Souls

Bhangarh is a ruined  in  that is famous for its historical ruins. It is in the municipality of the in the state of . The modern village has a population of 1,306 in 200 households. Bhangarh is also a popular tourist attraction. (Wikipedia) …


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Being Sensitive or Just Being Paranoid?

We all know the sensation when someone stares at you from behind. The sensation always lets you turn your back to check if your gut is right. However, there’s a big differences when you are already in a mindset that you WOULD be watched. Expectation blocks the intuition. I think it’s just the same thing when you feel or when you think you feel the paranormal. A morbidly looking place may make you feel uneasy and scared. On the other hand, a comfortable place puts you in a mindset that you…


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Haunted Diplomat Hotel

The former Diplomat Hotel in Baguio City, Philippines is an abandoned building which is allegedly saw the beheading of priests and nuns during the World War II. Former hotel employees and the residents in the area said that they heard howling and screaming even at daytime and often seen headless man walking the…


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The Vanishing Hitchhiker

The vanishing hitchhiker story is an urban legend in which individuals traveling by vehicle meet with or are followed by a hitchhiker who afterwards disappears without explanation, often from a moving vehicle. Vanishing hitchhikers have been reported for centuries and the tale is found across the world, with numerous versions. The popularity and endurance of the legend has served it spread into actual common culture.

The primary modern vanishing hitchhiker is a figure seen in the…


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Astral Projection : Out of Body Experiences

My mother has more than a dozen stories but one in particular held so much meaning to her because it was about almost losing her lover, my father. When they were still not married my father often go out and drink. He was totally wasted one night, he drove his motorcycle straight at a running bus. He was rushed to the hospital with his face smashed so morbidly he had to breath through a tube inserted through his esophagus. The doctors claimed him dead but my mother would not accept…


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Manananggal in the Philippines

I am originally from the Philippines and there, we have that what they call the "Manananggal" which is a mythical creature, a witch-like person usually woman that can detach her upper half of her body to her lower half. She usually flies at night to sucks blood from her victims and eat the fetus from a mother's…


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Christianity & Ghosts

I thought this was interesting when doing my bible study, I stumbled across this article, albeit, I cant give the author credit since I forgot where I was.

  Apart from ancient Pagan writings with ghosts, You most likely know, Christianity also offers its share of ghost stories. Just about all saint apparitions are ghost sightings. They will often come as good mood, to work some miracle, to advise and guide those that believe in them, or they may come demanding anything to be done or…


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Paranormal blog site

We have a paranormal blog on our site where we will be reviewing equipment and adding different articles from time to time so check it out if your interested. Any feedback would be appriciated.

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