August 2012 Blog Posts (3)

We captured an EVP of "Anna" on our recorder

   By Gary Robusto, Tri-City NYPS Founder & Group Leader

   As human beings, we always need to have some sort of understanding in everything that we do, see, hear and witness. We try to always put a name with a face, recognize someones voice and always try to wrap our brains around things that happen to us. That's how we function in everyday life. It's like seeing someone you know you've seen before and then rattling your brain to remember how you know that person, even…


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Good Sleuthing, Sherlock, But That's Not Evidence

By Amy Bennett, Tri-City NYPS Lead Investigator

"Paranormal Evidence"

   That is a phrase that to me, holds very little water, and doesn't seem to be able to stay afloat in too many arguments of an intelligent nature.  There isn't a lot of paranormal evidence that can hold its own in a court of law either; it's not something you'd present at a murder trial, we'll just say that.  Yet…


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The "Flashlight Test": True facts or home entertainment?

By Gary Robusto, Tri-City NYPS Founder & Head Investigator

"Please turn the flashlight on," “Only turn the light on for yes answers,” "Can you turn the light back off for us?" These are the sayings some of us use while conducting what’s known as a flashlight session to try and communicate with anything supposedly ghostly around us. Is this form of communication acceptable in the paranormal community? Is it possible evidence that we are having a live-time paranormal…


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