Manananggal in the Philippines

I am originally from the Philippines and there, we have that what they call the "Manananggal" which is a mythical creature, a witch-like person usually woman that can detach her upper half of her body to her lower half. She usually flies at night to sucks blood from her victims and eat the fetus from a mother's womb.

Application of salt and garlic on the lower half of her body while the other half is away will make it impossible for the manananggal to return to its original form.

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Comment by Miharu on June 4, 2012 at 3:54am

Yeah, I'm also from the Philippines. I heard a lot of stories from my older folk about the mananagal creature. They said people from the province would barricade their windows, seal their doors, and hire witch doctors to ward of the mananangal when the a member of the family is pregnant. They would hear a distinct animal sound in the dead of night and often hear claws against their roof. But there are less stories of this mythical creature in the urban areas, most of them came from the country side where the forest still governs the lands. 


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