Ancient Civilitations

Can we talk about lost civilizations? We've been alive for thousands of years and yet we barely understand anything about ancient civilizations. There's barely any traces from some of the older civilizations. 

Did humans once reach a point of technological advancement and then reset itself? Is it all buried underwater or under sand?3206778585?profile=original

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  • I agree with the others, there's tons of info on ancient¬†civilizations. Every civilization will leave a trace of itself, whether through structures, artifacts or bones. Some things the earth takes thousands if not millions of years to recycle.

  • Looks like a ship's wheel to me. Hey Janis, where's the story behind your pic?

  • How about Ryleh? We know that it's just some place invented up by a kookoo author (HP Lovecraft), but there are sparse supporting evidence otherwise. And isn't that picture supposed to be an ancient computer or sumthn found in the sea of galilee?

  • Atlantis is known to be a myth.

  • Janis maybe referring to other civs apart from what you guys, atlantis, el dorado (just a city but still..), or even Ryleh (Cthulu Mythos)

  • There is a lot of information on ancient civilizations, especially Egypt.

  • I disagree. We have a lot of evidence of ancient civilizations. Egypt, the Levant, Babylon just to name a few. We have ancient ruins (temples, tombs, palaces, and mudbrick workman's housing units) to admire as well as artifacts from their daily lives

  • If you visit Egypt, you will see the same irrigation system that was in place thousands of years ago by the ancients. If it aint broke then don't fix

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