Here We Go Again.....!!

My job takes me all over the world, and once again, I find myself surrounded by shadows. This time is different than most. I've literally turned around several times to see what was behind me. This happened in the space of 10 minutes non-stop. There is definitely something / someone in this apartment. Let's hope it's a friendly ghost.

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  • Welcome back home to our ghosts! :))

  • HI guys. still seems to here but I'm not feeling it as strong as when I first got here. Maybe its gone..I don't really know. You see this is when your mind plays tricks on you. I haven't really noticed anything for a while but my mind won't let go that its still around..not sure if that makes sense or not. Anyway, I'll be leaving in a month-Yea

  • Hey John! So what's the news from Seoul?

  • So what's the news on your ghost?

  • I think every culture has their version of ghostly beings. I think, it would be cool to have your ghost communicate bi-lingually to you.

  • Hey guys, one of my colleagues told me that Korea has many legendary ghosts. The majority of them are female virgins who are full of sorrow or vengeance. It seems horror/ghost movies are their favorite past-time. I bet they're all based on the ghost in my apartment!

  • Paranormal activity takes place all over the world, sceptics too. A lot of people won't admit it they've seen/heard something out of the usual, out of fear of being¬†ostracised. Sooner or later, you'll find someone with a good story. BTW, how's the food?¬†

  • Hi guys! I've spoken to a few Koreans about their feelings about paranormal things, and they think it is funny. They think it's all made up. I didn't mention anything about my haunted apartment after that. I'll keep asking around and keep ya posted.

  • Hi John..Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. Do the Koreans have a big following in all things paranormal like we do in the States? I know there were some posters from the Philippines and their stories were interesting, especially the folklore ghosts. Do the Koreans have their own folklore version, or better yet, the real thing?

  • Hi John. Is anything else going on inside your apartment? Have you spoken to any Koreans about it? Maybe they share similar experiences.

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