Looking for A Ghost!

After reading Clyde's post about bringing the boo app with me to Luxor, got me thinking. What a fantastic idea! Thanks Clyde. I have downloaded the app after watching the bell witch cave video and will bring it with me on all my trips - especially Luxor! I will make videos and show you all the results of my amateur ghost hunting. 

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  • Some of them get paid bundles!

  • I know many that go out of their way to find them. They get paid for it. Not much of a job if you ask me.

  • I've had my share of wierd out of this world stuff. I wouldn't go out of my way to find one. 

  • I will go Ashley. I'm always ready to travel to distant lands..haha

  • I'm thinking about a trip in December. Does anyone want to travel to distant lands?

  • For some reason, unbeknownst to me, ghosts find you. You don't find them!

  • Get the ouija board out!

  • I actually like the paranormal world. I don't mind the ghosts at all. It's all so fascinating.

  • Hi Jackie. I absolutely agree with you. Cheers

  • I'm not one to look for them. I don't want encounters with them either, but I have.

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