I kinda noticed the highlight on Egyptian and Assyrian civilizations given here on this forum. Yeah, they are interesting of course and Egypt being pushed to mind when concerning my next summer vacation, but here are some notes about other ancients that i would like to share. :) I will add more later. XD

1. Aurignacian - A culture that dates back 45000 to 35000 years ago during the upper paleolithic period which boasts some of the earliest forms of sculptures in the form of The Venus of Hohle Fels and was only recently discovered on 2008 at Germany. Due to their fairly artistic and sophisticated nature in addition to having evidence for the earliest form of religion, many have considered them to be one of the earliest modern human cultures in Europe which sought to advance themselves beyond the hunter-gatherer mindset of their earlier counterparts. The most important Aurignacian site to date is found at modern day France.

2. Hurrians - An ancient culture located north of Mesopotamia and Anatolia during the Bronze age who were divided into several small kingdoms. These kingdoms were ruled in turn an upper class Indo-European kingdom called the Mittani.  The Hurrians were master ceramists whose products were in demand in the ancient world. They are also notable mettalurgists who traded iron, copper, and silver but lacked gold which they acquired from Egypt. Most sites of their ancient civilization are found in Northern Syria.

3. Kassites - Were similar to the Mittani being indo-european elite in origin but were more militaristic in nature. They gained control of Babylonia after it's fall however, circumstances regarding their rise to power is unknown due to what some archeologists call a "dark age" due to their widespread dislocation. They worshiped horses and a god called Shuqamuna. It has been said that they originated from an area within modern day Iraq but have spread their culture into Babylon at about 1500 BC.

4.  Moche - An ancient peruvian culture which flourished from 100ad to 800ad. They are particularly known for their advanced irrigation technology, elaborate ceramic paintings, and gold works. They are also said to be an elite culture among several other small polities just like the Mittani and the Kassites. The latest archaeological finds pertaining to the Moche was a mummified woman found at Trujillo, Pero in 2005, and one of the most elaborate and lavish was a gold mask depicting a sea god found also in 2005.

5. Mehrgarh - Called by some as the precursor to Indus Valley Civilizations, and was known to have one of the earliest agricultural centers in South Asia. Evidence also shows that they were also one of the earliest people's to herd cattle and goat. They were neolithic and did not use ceramics (at least in their earlier periods in 7000bc. Mehrgarh sites can be found in what is Pakistan today.

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  • Hi Janis, let us know if you make it to Egypt next summer. Please posts lots of pics and tell us about your experiences.

  • The Near East will always be my favorite ancient civilization. Actually, all of the above are interesting too.

  • Egypt will always be my favorite. It seemed to have the most glamorous lifestyle.

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