• Hey Amy! The ghost may be playing tricks on you! lol

  • Last night my fan turned off by itself. I use it to drown out the sound of my annoying neighbors. It has been my habit for years to turn on the fan then go to the bathroom. As I came out of my bathroom last night the fan was off. I turned it on. There is no doubt about it. Anyway I turned the fan back on. This is yet another little thing that goes on around here.

  • This is a confusing topic. Yes, there can be explanations to almost anything, but the paranormal world is just there. It can't be explained away.

  • They sure do. 

  • They exists. No doubt about it.

  • I agree with you Keith. Usually, there is an explanation to it. But when you know, you know that something isn't quite right.

  • I just think that so much fake stuff is going on out there to make a buck. People are exaggerating every little noise they hear, or sensationalizing bumps in the night to bring attention to themselves. I agree with some of you. I know when something is not of this world, but most of the time, there is a simple explanation to it.

  • I think Clyde is right. We blame too much on the paranormal world when a lot of incidences can be earthly explained.

  • It could be both.

  • So much fake stuff is going on, I only know what's paranormal on a personal level. I agree with what someone had said about keeping it to yourself. Few will believe you.

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