Sleep Paralysis and Weird Stuff ..

Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis? I bet most of us have. My experience was a bit freaky though..I woke up in the middle of the night and I couldn't move. I tried lifting my fingers but they were not responding. I panicked and rolled my eyeballs around the room. I noticed the window open and a strange purple mist was crawling towards my bed. I could hear ghostly voices, like crying women but all I could see is the mist. I got really freaked out but I could not even scream. I tried harder and harder to concentrate on how go get my muscles to respond to my brain. When I successfully twitched a muscle all the voices and the mist were gone. I was free from the paralysis and I quickly got out of bed. I paced towards my window and i realized it was really wide open.  

This happened about 4 years ago but until now I'm still wondering if it was some kind of lucid dream or something paranormal. 

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  • Rudy, I have those kinds of dreams too. Most of them are situations where people close to me are in immediate danger. When I try to warn them by shouting their name, no voice will come out. I feel hopeless. I wake up all depressed but at the same time glad knowing it was only a bad dream. 

  • Sorry Monica,

    Did not mean to totally disturb you.

    If you live near memphis Tennesse you are in luck as there is a MUFON event with specialists and people who have gone through the experience of an encounter with an ET and specialist in abductions making the presentations!

    also did you ever see the movie Communion supposedly about a true account of an Author who discovered under hypnosis that he had been being abducted at night for years and years.  If you read the accounts of contactees- that sensation, similar to what you described, is often a part of thier experience.

    However, they dont need an open window to come into your house....:-) 

    Also you can check the MUFON UFO Stalker that shows all the events on a map....just click on them and read the accounts to see of anyone spotted any ships in the vicinity of your home that night!
  • Flock Guardian, wow now that's disturbing. I don't remember it being open. It's weird because I'm safety conscious and always lock windows and doors. However, that night I may have left it open or something... I'm not sure. The idea of being abducted that night freaks me out :(

    Barry Flagg, I quite agree with you. Maybe I just sleep walked and opened the window or something while at the same time dreamed of weird things. Maybe my mind was playing tricks on me. lol.   

  • I bet money it was a dream. I've had similiar experiences. It's difficult to seperate dreams from reality sometimes. To be honest, we may never know.

  • Fascinating! I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED A SENSATION LIKE THAT. I think I may have heard of that being reported in alien abduction reports when a victim goes under hypnosis...they described the same exact paralysis feeling. Did you have the window open when you went to bed? Maybe you could report your experience to the MUFON UFO network. They have investigators and they will often hypnotize subjects so your unconscious information maybe accessed to reveal more of the details. Do you have the date of the event recorded? Just an idea! Maybe there are other circumstances too in which one would experience that feeling.
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