• Sometimes plant bugs or spiders that live in the plants can cause them to shake.

  • My plant leaves were moving, but then I realized the A/C kicked on. haha

  • This can't be good.

  • No nothing else has happened. 

  • Any new drama going on Joe?

  • See my plant shake like what you described Joe would freak me out!

  • Getting your attention...Yeah it makes sense. I'd rather have plants shaking than a bed or furniture!

  • I've looked into this subject and found it very interesting. It seems that may people have encountered this experience. All I know is someone is doing this to get your attention, someone who has died. I believe it now.

  • Joe did your plant shake or move like the one in the Malaysian video?

  • The Malaysians could have planted a fake, but I can assure you, my plant was shaking at full force. Never in my life, have I witnessed the entire plant shake with such force. I have no idea what it was.

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