• After seeing this photo I'm wondering if these spirits are around us all the time. I don't know anything about thermal images but it got me thinking, if a thermal camera can pick up on these images, they (spirits) could be everywhere. Kind of creepy.

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  • It is an interesting topic. I'd like to see more pics too. I could see how the spirits draw energy around us! Energy by our (some of us) anxiety over their unwelcome intrusions!

  • It's not that they give off heat, they displace the heat. They're not necessarily cold or colder, they're just a different temperature to the climate around it. They draw energy from their surrounding which can give off the appearance of it being "cold".
  • Some say that it becomes cold when ghosts are around. I never noticed that. I've had many paranormal encounters and I've never noticed a change in temperature.

  • Thanks for the through information. I guess, what I was trying to say, do ghosts have heat to give off? I never thought about it much, until now. lol  One of those things that make you go hmmm!

  • Radiation does give off heat. A lot of people that work on plumbing and especially gas lines in homes or buildings will use thermal imagers to see if there is a small leak in pipes. They view it based off of the presence of excess heat or cold, or, the displacement of heat or cold. Whenever an area has an extreme change in temperature to its surroundings while there is nothing the naked eye can see causing that change there is cause to question what is creating said change. A lot of vehicle manufacturers (Audi, Mercedes, etc....) are putting thermal imagers in vehicles so that you have more visibility to living objects that may be crossing the road in inclement weather. For example, in a snow storm if a deer crosses in the middle of the road it may be hard to see from the naked eye but with the thermal imager you will clearly be able to see the change in temperature on your screen, thus you will be able to maneuver quicker. The thermal imager is one of the best (and most expensive) tools a paranormal investigator can use.
  • Thermal imaging never made sense in the paranormal world. To my limited knowledge, thermal images are seen on the premise of emitting radiation. But even ghosts represent matter - of what kind, I don't know. 

  • Very cool. Now that you've explained the story, it makes sense that it would be a little boy. I'll go to your sight to see more of the pics. 

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