Has anyone ever seen their angel ?Guardian?

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  • Andrew, your guardian angel is thee an yu  can talk to himor her. They are with you all the time. only you may not be able to see or hear th their message it might be as simple as something going right in your life that they have caused in some way.Don't forget they have a straight line to God as His messengers.

  • Juli and Bella., Hi my friends... I joined Guardian ANGELS..  and Juli that is a good  video you have  there. Thanks  I watched it. Chloe, I wish I could see and talk to my guardian angel.. I haven't had any contact with him  fora while.. Maybe It's not tie for me to see him  at this point in my life..  I know he's around me along with my family members that passed and a very very dear friend that recently passed.

  • I agree, especially when I'm feeling low.

  • I just wish i could see my guardian angel and have a conversation with him/her. I have a few questions for her/him.

  • Hey Diane, what about more stories! :-)

  • Thank you Barbara. When I think of that time in the supermarket, it still brings me to tears.

  • That was a touching story Ashley.

  • I find these posts very interesting and worthwhile to read. I agree totally with Ashley. I've had similar experiences and believe that angels walk amongst us.

  • Hi Diane, I wouldn't know for sure. However, I know that she was an angel from Heaven. The Bible is very clear about how we treat strangers, because they could be angels. It could not have been anything but. For those who believe, people with broken hearts will be comforted. I was.

  • Ashley, do you think she was your guardian angel?

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