We are a non-profit team that has been together for over 12+ years providing 100% confidential and professional paranormal investigations 100% free of charge.  We service CT, MA, RI, NY, ME, VT, NH.  Each client will receive a copy of all evidence gathered.  One we take on a client, we take them on for life and will follow up periodically to be sure things are still going ok with the activity that may have been going on.  No one is left out feeling that there is no help out there.  We will do our diligence to help you.  Please check our our website for more information and feel free to contact us for any questions and/or help you may need.

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  • Hi, just wondering if this was still active?
  • You have a really interesting site. I'd like to join your investigations also one day.

  • You are correct however we were not in the middle of conducting the investigation we were on break. I personally am uncomfortable taking my investigation partner into the porta poty with me. Lol.
  • Hi Diane, I thought it was a rule that at least 2 people stay together during an investigation. It just seems strange that only one person actually has an occurrence especially if there were 12 of you all together. I'm not saying it didn't happen to you, but there should be someone else who witnessed it too. 

  • Well, I don't scare to easy but I will say for me my scariest moment was two years ago while investigating Rolling HIlls Insane Asylum.  There were a total of 12 of us locked in for the night, while doing an experiment in an upper wing we had several shadow figures coming at us doing as we asked.  After the experiment we were so amazed that we decided to regroup and think of our next plan of action so we all went to the dinner hall for a break.  I needed to use the outhouse and no one else apparently had to go so I got the key from the owner took my flash light and off I went alone through the asylum making my way to the back door to let myself out.  Keep in mind I had to go down the hall we just had our experience in down a couple flights of stairs, past the underground tunnel and the morgue.  Once I got past the tunnel entrance I heard footsteps coming up behind me and assumed it was a team mate trying to sneak up on me to scare me so I spun around yelling at them that it wasn't funny.  There was no one there.  I got to the morgue heard the footsteps again go right past me and into the morgue in which the 2" steal doors slammed shut in front of me.  Still thinking its a team member I kicked the door open and jumped in yelling that it wasn't funny and I was not very upset.  There was no one in the room.  Immediately a felt a breathe against my neck and right ear and all my batteries died leaving me standing there alone in the dark, then I felt a hand on my shoulder again no one was there.  I ran out of there all the way back up to the dinner hall and stood there.  Everyone was asking me what happened but I blocked them out as I was counting heads to see if anyone was missing and all 11 people where still there as I was the 12th.  Needless to say I no longer had to go to the bathroom after that.  I did get an amazing EVP from there in the electroshock therapy room.  Its on my official website if anyone wants to hear it. 

  • What was the scariest experience you had while doing an investigation?

  • Christine, It takes time for people to find you... I started the Angels  group..although I'm almost the only one talking now. there are 33 members.I guess they cam to read my stories. it's a start!  I know Maureen personally ...she a very nice person..I told her my stories and she said that was what prompted her to start the website..

  • Christine, what you do must be so interesting.some time ago I was being visited by Paranormal.. but in a good way. Nothing evil.That part of "life" really interesed me..  for some reason I'm not that receptive lately ..what they call the third eye...seems to have closed. I'm not receptive like I was .When I was living in Florida... I use to gravitate to Haunted places.. ..just because they interested me. And to those that are not beleivers ...I can tell you it does exist from my own past experiences.

  • Andrew, as a team we have some weekends where we do two cases and then some emergency cases during the week.  It really depends on the clients.  Last year we did 104 cases just to give you an example.

  • How many investigations do you do per year?

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