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  • Your welcome! I think I may have gotten the ET Encyclopedia from Aron Mcullom's Secret Vault. He had a website that he ended up dismanteling but he warned us before he did it. So we could retrieve docs that were stored in his vast library for a certain amount of time. I never saw such an extensive collection!

  • This is another document packed full of interesting reading material of the OFF WORLD nature ! Thought I would share.

  • Thanks! I'll try to read them over the summer. They sound interesting.

  • Just posted the handbooks supposedly from some more of our off-earth-mentors! Interesting reading if you have not seen these handbooks yet! Compliments of George Greene, I believe.  Enjoy!

  • Becoming.pdf

  • Sorry Juli, I didn't mean to say it wasn't a good story. It really is, just a little long. I love this forum too! :)

  • I agree with Pam. Can you imagine what would happen to us without our Guardian Angels? 

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Animal Guardian Angel - The Turkey Mystery- Angel protecting a barn!!????

As you may have already gathered, yes, I tend to be a hair on the eccentric side of the fence :-) So I do raising chickens and turkeys and peafowl much differently than alot of my neighbors did where I lived in the country. Our day would start with the early am flock hike. I would let all of my birds out of their enclosures and their barn and we would go on about a 45 min hike across the property accompanied by a couple of flock guardian dogs!  Sometimes we would stop to eat some wild grapes!!…

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Animal Guardian Angels

I have a story about an Animal Guardian Angel I can share. I raised a little bird from two days old that I bought because all the girls at the feedstore were showing off this little guy as he would sit calmly in the palm of their hands..with his little straight erect neck.....his head turning as he was observing his NEW WORLD. The cutest little thing. I asked three times if they were sure he was not a turkey and each time they said no. He is a Peacock. So I bought him and two Easter Egg…

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