As you may have already gathered, yes, I tend to be a hair on the eccentric side of the fence :-) So I do raising chickens and turkeys and peafowl much differently than alot of my neighbors did where I lived in the country. Our day would start with the early am flock hike. I would let all of my birds out of their enclosures and their barn and we would go on about a 45 min hike across the property accompanied by a couple of flock guardian dogs!  Sometimes we would stop to eat some wild grapes!! This property had large Oak trees with jungle like vines all hanging down from these massive oaks....those were all the wild grape vines. This routine started when I got my order I had placed on the internet for ten two day old baby turkeys. I thought to what would a wild Turkey mother do with her baby chicks and I realized she takes them on long hikes!!However one morning I woke up and my back was really hurting so I was slow getting out of bed. I made it up to the barn thirty minutes late as I had called in sick to my job. Once at the barn I started opening the barn door. I heard this different sort of a buzz sound...and then I realized it was a cicada...that bug that holds on to trees and makes this long buzz sound. Well right when I was thinking..Gee I have not heard one of those in years..since I left the midwest...It got louder and it even sounded like it was getting MAD or something for opening the barn door??????? How odd!!My turkey boys were starting to come out through the door gobbling. It dawned on me that the sound was coming from behind me...and I could barely walk- my back was out....but I slowly twisted around .....and my eyes fell upon this TOTALLY DEMONIC six foot HUGE BLACK Rattlesnake about seven feet away from me but lunging out about four feet closer when striking at I put my arms in the air...(my cue for the turkeys to go inside) then I guided all the turkeys back into the barn...I was afraid they were going to be so curious and get bit......I got all of them in.....and I stood shaking...looking at this thing. Then I remembered some of my spiritual tools from the class I was taking. I visuallized a grounding cord from my body down into the center of the earth and I visualized one on the snake also going down to the center of the earth and I said....."I am NOT going to hurt you" well he stopped rattling and got out of the coiled position and went under the fence into the brush. I was still in terror as that was my very first Rattlesnake experience since moving to that ranch. I had never before been struck at by a rattler....and I was still shaking.  At the time I was enrolled in Vessa Rineharts Clairvoyant class so when I went into class that week I shared my TERROR rattlesnake tale. Vessa suggested that the class do a new technique - a remote healing on my barn to serve to protect myself and my birds. We did the healing as a group. We asked for a little angel to stay in the barn.Several weeks later I was in class and one of my felllow classmates in the Clairvoyant program was asking how I was and how my pets were. I told her fine...and then I, wait, I told her that I noticed that one of my turkeys had been limping that morning when I let him out of the barn. I had looked all around his roost to see if maybe he had to sit at a bad angle that previous night...everything looked fine.  I could not figure out why he seemed to be in pain. I told her I was considering taking him to the Vet. She was very advanced and very telepathic with animals so she told me she would look at it for me. She told me it looked like a fear picture lodged in his aura from him trying to dodge the bite of a rattlesnake during the night. She suggested that I try and do an aura healing on him! It was a technique we did in our class on people generally. I was stunned.....and I thought to myself that perhaps she was using her left side of her brain as she knew of my story of seeing the snake in the she probably just logically deduced this...not actually saw it Clairvoyantly and only utilizing her right hemisphere of her brain. Vessa had instructed us in class to pretend like you are totally making something up and out right lie ..saying anything that came to you to make up....THAT as when you were fully utilizing your clairvoyant as your left hemisphere has to be disengaged. (You have to trick your left hemisphere into turning off!)  So I had judgement energy that I hit my friend with...but I on the surface told her thank you.The next day I was examining my Turkey again and NADA. I could not see what was wrong and it had not improved and actually seemed like it had gotten worst. So I decided to do the aura healing on him...What the could NEVER hurt anything. Mind you these were turkeys I had gotten when they were just two days old so they were all imprinted to me....I was their mother in thier mind. So I grounded myself asked for my healing master to stay out of my aura but to only plug into my hand chakras and I started combing through his aura with my hands was so cute as he closed his eyes and sort of fell asleep as I was doing his aura healing. I could feel an area of his aura affected and heat radiating out so I did some extra work on it and I was soo pleased...  Then after I visualized healing sun energy shining down through his aura...I finished the healing and thanked my healing master. However, the turkey started walking away...and his limp was still identical...NO IMPROVEMENT  :-(About a week went by, some mornings it would be worst but by the end of each day...his limp would almost go away!! It totally puzzled me. As it improved each day but worst every morning when I would let him out. So one afternoon  I had to leave the ranch early so I wanted to put all the turkeys in the barn....and I went in and scanned the floor the walls as I had started doing since having that horrific rattlsnake experience.  This time, I noticed a turkey feather right on the wall and went to go grab it to tidy up the barn a bit.....then as I got total horror I noticed it was a rattlesnake NOT A FEATHER hanging down the wall!!! I freaked out....AS I knew I would have to do something with it or my turkeys would have to stay out all night....which was not safe due to the bobcats and the mountain lions.  I had to pull myself together and KILL A RATTLE SNAKE!! So , I got a shuffle and I also grabbed an aquarium...thinking maybe I could use a flute to get it to go into the aquarium enlcosure like a good snake ;-)  I decided KILLING It had to be my I stood in the barn watching it as I inched my way closer and closer...I was shaking in horror.....I finally reached the snake and held my shovel close to his head trying to plan my strike....and then I realized... the snake had NOT BEEN MOVING...OMG!! It was already DEAD....A RATTLESNAKE SUICIDE!!!!! I was so releived!!!! I saw how it had part of the body had fit through the chicken wire and then on the otherside of the wire there was a lump in his body that did not fit through the chicken he got stuck and must of broken his own neck!!!  The snake had been hanging on the wall right next to the turkey who had been limping every morning...SO I REALIZED EVELYN had been totally dead on accurate about the snake lunging to try and bite my turkey and the turkey having to strain his leg to move out of his strike path...but the crazy thing was that I had never seen it hanging there



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  • I just remembered what I named that first large black pacific Northwest rattlesnake .."Raymond the Wretched Rattle Snake" he was the one that I told that I would not hurt it.
  • Thanks Juli and apologies for such a long post but I have numerous rattle snake goes on and on. I had to give all the info of what transpired over a period of about three weeks. Another rattlesnake story would give everyone did me!!!
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