Our Mission Statement

The National Ghost Society was founded with the sole purpose of developing a team of the best paranormal investigators in our industry today. The founding members poured the foundation of success for what is known as the National Ghost Society.  We utilize the latest in scientific equipment to help our clients prove or disprove evidence of paranormal activity. Our goal is to help our clients free of charge while continuing to educate the public. The NGS is dedicated to giving back to the community with different layers of outreach programs, donations and community events. We use the different platforms of the social media to help drive this business in an effort to develop our brand and maintain our brand integrity. We will offer cross training and continuing education for each member to ensure the NGS yields only the highest quality paranormal investigators in the industry.

Investigation & Team Member Rules

1.)  Each NGS member will be expected to maintain the highest level of professionalism at all times.

2.)  The term “provoking” will not be tolerated during an investigation as we treat the afterlife the same as the living with the highest level of respect.

3.)  Since we investigate in the dark, for the safety of the team there will be no running during an investigation.

4.)  During an investigation if a team member accidently breaks a piece of equipment, the NGS will absorb the cost of the replacement. If a team member is negligent, the team member will be expected to pay for the replacement piece of equipment.

5.)  Each member is expected to respond to all emails within 24 hours unless they are on vacation, sick etc.

6.)  During all NGS events each team member is required to wear the approved NGS team shirt.

7.)  Alcohol, drugs or controlled substances are never allowed during investigations. Any member suspected of being under the influence of any of the above listed items or have them in their possession will be asked to leave the investigation immediately and disciplinary action will be taken up to and including permanent expulsion from the organization.

8.)  The management team has the right to remove an investigator from an investigation if they are in violation of any of the rules stated above. 

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  • Hi NGS! Where was your last investigation? What did you find? 

  • We currently investigate 1 to 2 times a month in either residential or commercial investigations. Typically members are cross trained to use the tools of the trade during an investigation. So each investigation is different, each member plays a different role per investigation so they can get the best possible training. We are always looking for key talent so feel free to contact us if your interested in becoming a new member. 

  • You have so many fascinating events. I hope one day to join one of your investigations. Keep up the good work!

  • Hi. What do members do on investigations and how much do they cost? How long are they? Thanks

  • sounds interesting

  • Where is your next investigation?

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