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  • The first one is a mist that's just the way they are and the second is blurry due to the light enhancements and how much the picture is blown up it's pixelating. At Rolling Hills you can pay to do an investigation and pictures and video are okay along with pictures from the street. If your on the property uninvited the owner will call the sheriffs.

  • wow love it great picture,Rolling hills I herd no one is allow to take videos or pictures and this location is it true? 

  • Why are they so blurry?

  • And this was our Tommy picture taken at Rolling Hills in E. Bethany, NY. This picture was blown up and light enhancements.

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  • This is the mist that was captured by Karen Edwards at an investigation at Marjim Manor in Appleton, NY

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  • What was your last investigation? I saw some of your pics. They seemed to be interesting places. What was so unusual about them?

  • this phone call was in my home.

  • the shanley is super active but this are human spirits non violent.and very friendly.if you go you will not be disapointed.I promis that.

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