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Copper Queen Hotel

Enjoying your stay in Bisbee, Arizona can reach unexpected levels of paranormal activity when you stay at the Copper Queen Hotel. In fact, Dan Finck, the hotel owner, encourages guests to record their haunted experiences in a log at the front desk.

Located in southern Arizona, the hotel opened its doors in 1902 and has a history of servicing guests such as Marlon Brando and Julia Roberts. Despite renovations made throughout the years, the now 48 room hotel welcomes not only you and I, but the supernatural as well. 

Who stays in this hotel and haunts it?

It is believed that a young boy named Billy is one of the entities. Accounts have been noted where people have heard his giggles and cries in the hallways. Perhaps even more notable than Billy, is the ghost of a former prostitute named Julia Lowell. Grip your sheets tight, if you can, because she has been known to haunt male guests, whispering in their ears and playing with their feet. Many people have also witnessed a ghostly presence of a man smelling of cigars and wearing a top hat with a cape. 

Ready to pack your bags and enjoy the small town of Bisbee? Prepare for your stay at the Copper Queen Hotel and add your paranormal experience to the 12 volumes worth of logs that already exist there. 


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