The Congress Inn




The Congress Inn is a hotel located in Nashville, Tennessee, that is shrouded in as much mystery as it is history. During times of the Civil War, it was used as a temporary hospital for housing wounded and dying soldiers. According to the claims of locals, it is said that when the bodies began to pile up and there was no longer room to store them, they were then cemented into the walls of the basement.

That's enough for any spooky legend to form, but it doesn't end just there.

Although there haven't been many cases of guests reporting creepy incidences, there is one incredibly popular story that has been circulated around the web for quite some time. In 1987, a man was staying at the Congress Inn when he was suddenly awoken to a heavy weight on his lower body. For several seconds, he struggled to move but to no avail. Strangely, he could see nothing holding him down. Then, as quickly as it happened, it stopped. Only later in the morning, after speaking to locals in the area, did he learn of the grisly history of the small hotel.

As far as other sightings go, there doesn't seem to be many personal encounters online. There has been mention of a ghostly figure, dressed in Civil War attire, who appears in doorways from time to time. A ghost hunter claims to have gotten small EMF readings after spending several hours there. So, is the Congress Inn really haunted or is this just another local legend that's gotten spun larger over time? The only way to find out is to book a room there and find out for yourself!

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