Ed & Lorraine Warren The Beginning

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Lorraine Warren Reflects on how she met and fell in love with the late Ed Warren, as interviewd by Doingitlocal.com

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  • I'd rather hear about her experiences rather than her love life. Is she promoting another book! I would think the purpose of this website is to share paranormal experiences not promote to sell books!

  • Lanley, Lorraine just turned 87 in January and since the movie, The Conjuring came out last July, both she and her son-in-law, Tony Spera have been crazy busy. What I am doing right now is looking for a screenwriter to turn the book into a script. I do NOT want The House on Pancake Hill to be turned into a typical horror film. Yes, I went through a lot growing up in my childhood home, but my vision is to make this more into a movie that would empower other psychic kids / teens to show them that good can arise and they should embrace their God-given gifts. So, I am not in a hurry at the moment and I do believe that everything will fall into place when the time is right.

    I am starting a new book project so I have plenty to keep me busy!

    Have a great day!

  • No problem, Carl...wanted to let everyone know the truth about them.

  • Jodi why don't you ask Lorraine Warren to help you with your endeavors! I sure would!

  • Glad you cleared that up. I think many of us didn't understand what Ed & Lorraine did in their lives. Thanks for the clarification.

  • Ed & Lorraine do NOT practice the occult. Mr. Warren passed away in 2006 but they investigated places that were extremely haunted. They are practicing CATHOLICS. The museum that they have contains artifacts that were contributing to these extreme cases - they confiscated them to keep them locked up in order to keep others safe. A priest, Father James Anziano lives on the premises and there is nothing satanic about what the Warrens have done. Father James does daily binding prayers to keep these artifacts intact. 

  • Personally I wouldn't want to know anyone who messes around with the occult. I believe they practice satanic rituals. Something that should not be!

  • What does that mean Carl? Is she a devil worshipper? Is that what the occult means? 

  • I looked her up. She seemed very interesting until I read about the occult part. She did consulting on the Amityville Horror and other haunted places. She has some kind of occult museum and that put me off. Sorry.

  • You are probably right Clyde, since the OP put 'the beginning'

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