Ghosts Do Fart

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Farting ghosts caught on tape!

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  • haha

  • Sometimes they just slip out!

  • Funny one! haha

  • In movies like exorcist and amityville they showed a foul smell coming from the demonic spirits. I don't know if they were farts though. 

  • The guy in the back farted! Look at him! He can hardly talk without cracking up. I wouldn't want to be with him on the job!! Passergasser!

  • You're probably right Charlize. Too funny! lol

  • ha ha...The bald guy looks a bit annoyed. It probably smelled bad! lol

  • Dang dude! C'mon you fart and want to blame it on a ghost!!

  • @Chloe I bet your right. The obscene sound seems to come from his direction!

  • I think it was the guy in the back. Look at him, he's trying hard to keep a straight face! Like...what just happened! lol

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