Anyone else see the Project Camelot pilot TV show regarding Mars? Here is the link on Youtube...if anyone would like to discuss after viewing

I feel they did a great job presenting the info with Bill Ryan narrating makes it a highly entertaining format.

I once saw the author Ray Bradbury lecture in person and afterwards people from the audience were allowed to ask him questions. One person asked him if the Martian Chronicles books were based on true stories. He just smiled really big and paused for a moment but then nodded and said YES!!! I was stunned as that was the first time I ever heard any discussion of us seriously speaking about going to Mars.

Makes you contemplate

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Thanks for your comment.  I tend to agree with you about the difficulty of justifying the spiritual world through scientific means. I think it is challenging to mix both worlds but I suppose that's why I enjoy reading about exopolitics and the black Operations Programs. The ETs seem to have realized how to mix both worlds.The Black OPS delve into those technologies provided by the extra terrestrials.

As an example, the chair from the ET downed craft in which you just have to sit in the pilot's chair and then think about the location- then AND your craft have arrived to a remote extra terrestrial location. To travel that way, it just seems that you have to be pretty advanced both spiritually (understanding of the spirit world or understanding of physics!!! ) and scientifically ( to understand how to take your ship there with you!!) 

I have had highly intuitive friends who have furthered their abilities by studying under remote viewers. Remote viewers who were previously part of the US govt program. They do everything much more scientifically as they view a blind target and the details about it,  then immediately write and sketch what they have seen sort of like automatic writing. They tap into their subconsious mind while doing these target exercises. Even though they view a target they are not told what the end target is. They reveal the target afterwards...well at least in the training program. Maybe in real world work they might not reveal to the remote viewer what the target is...for their protection!

The movie called "The Men Who Stare at Ghosts" was a movie about the US remote viewing program start. To my knowledge, according to some of my contacts also a pretty accurate depiction.  Remote viewers saw some disturbing things which led to them wanting to try and figure out if they could somehow alter and change the future.  I read a biography from one of the remote viewers from the US program. You have to be VERY sturdy emotionally for that sort of work, as it gets very confusing going into the future time and then back into current- Also, he said what they view can be highly disturbing and make you feel like a small spec of dust in the overall grand scheme..

This topic is way over my head, but I can tell you this with all certainty, our spirits can see things in the present, past and future. I don't know anything about relativity, nor do I believe people of science can justify the spiritual world through scientific means. They are two separate entities that cannot be intertwined - I call it faith. Faith in spiritual things unseen.

Thanks for sharing, yeah that makes sense the way you described it....time being relative.

I personally might want to stay clear of the blackholes!!  That is very interesting, though.

Larry said:

Time is relative. As man, we named it; seconds, minutes, hours etc. Time follows its own pattern, in space and time. In order for time travel to work, you would need to be in space circling around a black hole for a while to experience time at half thr earth's rate. For example, if you circle a black hole in orbit for 5 years (theoretically), 10 years would have passed on earth.

I like the spiritual world. I want some things to remain a mystery. When my husband goes shopping, I always wait in anticipation, because I never know which goodies he will bring home. That's how I view the spirit world, something good is yet to come in the next world.

Anything is  possible. It all boils down to -who you ask.

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