Ancient Magic and Curses

After reading from posters about ancient places and demonic spirits, I remembered reading about some ancient civilizations that would put curses on tombs to prevent tomb robbers desecrating eternal resting places. In Egypt, I don't think the curses worked, because the tombs were plummeted as soon as the deceased was laid to rest.

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  • Actually, we will never know if the tomb robbers suffered any of the Pharoah's curses. Obviously, they would not have made any records (hieroglyphics) about their exploits, and they've been dead for thousands of years. 

  • Magic and curses have been around for thousands of years. People still practice it today as Grace has alluded too. The story of Moses and one of the Pharoah's magicians with the rod is a clear example.

  • In my opinion (very far fetched opinion), the ancient priests might have implanted somekind of long lasting poison or somethun that killed those archaeologists...well, for those who died by sickness anyway. About curses however, i once talked to this bodyguard guy from jamaica about stuff that made my hair stand up... coincidence or not, these stuff are really dangerous stuff man.

  • I don't think the tomb robbers believed in all those curses! Only Tut's tomb was intact.

  • Most of the ancient Egyptian Pharoahs had a stone text within their tombs which invoked curses if tomb robbers disturbed their resting places.

  • Jackie An's Egypt pics have inspired me to take a trip there. If there are any curses in or around the tombs, I'll let all of you know. LOL!

  • I dunno the others have said, curses and magic have been around for ages. People are still practising it to this day.

  • The Egyptian curse was created by our British media. I'm sure some of it could be true, after all, fiction is based on some truth........somewhere.

  • Within the tombs themselves, the curses are written on the walls and sarcophagus that those who disturb the tomb will be cursed. I bet they are. 

  • Back in the day when Howard Carter found KIng Tut, the locals said that anyone disturbing the ancient tombs would be cursed. It seemed everyone associated with that tomb died in strange ways.

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