• I'm dumbfounded. Something to think about.

  • The photos are not fakes this has already been proven. 

  • I don't think that can happen. The photos could be fake.

  • Oh my! Now that is unpleasant.

  • you have the accelerant (whiskey), then what caused the ignition? Do our cells have sparks when they fire? Seriously!

  • Some say alcohol is a big factor in human combustion. They said that the torched people were heavy drinkers and had been drinking at the time they burst into fire. Maybe there's something to it.

  • There is no way anyone can explain this. No way....geez!

  • Right on-Patrice!

  • It speaks of God destroying wicked people with a consuming fire. I wonder about these people. There could be no other explanation. Only the body was destroyed, the chairs, bed, floors, were barely touched. Some doctors estimated that the heat to destroy a human body to ashes has to exceed 3000 degrees.  How could an intense heat of 3000 degrees not destroy an entire home, let alone a couch or chair!

  • I am speechless!

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