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  • Is the house where Jesse James killed still there? 

  • Did you go back to that house? What made the people contact you in the first place?

  • Really good video!! Yeah, I agree about it being an animal. It was scary at all. Maybe that was where the animal slept. I bet it was a dog. They always like to sleep next to shoes.

  • I will. We also are going back and doing a second investigation at the homeowners request.

  • I would like to see more. Let me know when you post them.

  • That was one of the best videos I've seen! 

  • Its some kind of shadow animal we think. No animals were present during the investigation. The inevestigation was in 100 year old building in Kansas city. Still have 3 other cameras to finish reviewing.

  • Oh wow! What was that in the closet? The orb was very strange. It just floated across the room. I've never seen that before. The thing in the closet really caught my attention. Where was this?

  • Hi Justin. I couldn't find the video. The mansion pics were very cool.

This reply was deleted.
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We were contacted by someone who is a servant to a demon. I posted it on our forum for any one who is interested in giving there input.

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