Lovell Dykstra replied to Carol Farrell's discussion Photo for Pondering
"Let ths a lessn to you. Spirit photography is a very touchy and very "unstable" field. Do not post something like this again. Carol Farrell said:
Wow! Such bitter responses to a simple request!
The picture is blurry and messy, but I know it…"
Jul 8, 2019
Jackie Anton replied to Lovell Dykstra's discussion When i was young..
"This story truly moved me. I'm so happy you've moved on with your life. Thank you for your story. :)"
Jul 8, 2019
Lovell Dykstra posted a discussion
Hi, i have only recently discovered this site and i must say i am compelled to share. I want your opinion on this.Back when I was 13 I had a step father who I was not particularly fond of. He was sorta creepy, I always thought he was kind of a jerk,…
Jul 8, 2019