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Copper Queen Hotel

Enjoying your stay in Bisbee, Arizona can reach unexpected levels of paranormal activity when you stay at the Copper Queen Hotel. In fact, Dan Finck, the hotel owner, encourages guests to record their haunted experiences in a log at the front desk.

Located in southern Arizona, the hotel opened its doors in 1902 and has a history of servicing guests such as Marlon Brando and Julia Roberts. Despite renovations made throughout the years, the now 48 room hotel welcomes not only you and I, but the supernatural as well. 

Who stays in this hotel and haunts it?

It is believed that a young boy named Billy is one of the entities. Accounts have been noted where people have heard his giggles and cries in the hallways. Perhaps even more notable than Billy, is the ghost of a former prostitute named Julia Lowell. Grip your sheets tight, if you can, because she has been known to haunt male guests, whispering in their ears and playing with their feet. Many people have also witnessed a ghostly presence of a man smelling of cigars and wearing a top hat with a cape. 

Ready to pack your bags and enjoy the small town of Bisbee? Prepare for your stay at the Copper Queen Hotel and add your paranormal experience to the 12 volumes worth of logs that already exist there. 


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The Ghostly Bride of 13 Curves Road




Just ten miles southwest of Syracuse, New York, lies Cedarvale Road (a.k.a 13 Curves Road). It is said that over sixty years ago, a pair of newlyweds were driving along the winding stretch. Upon taking one of the curves too sharply, the car careened into the creek nearby. Some legends claim that both had lost their lives in the accident, while others say it was merely the groom. Whatever the case may be, it is not unusual for those travelling at night to come across the forlorn bride.

Multiple accounts of sightings describe her as wearing her bloodied gown and lurking near the sixth curve of the road. Sometimes, she is spotted carrying a lantern and simply searching through the darkness. Other instances recall her standing among the hills that line the highway. The most unfortunate souls to encounter this phantom have even had her suddenly appear in their backseat, bloody face gazing at them from the rearview mirror.

The town of Onondoga enjoys keeping the story alive, encouraging anyone passing through to take a trip down the road, especially on Halloween. So, if you're ever in the area, make sure to take a slight detour and check it out for yourself. You never know what you might see!

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Chicago's Owlman






Chances are that if you are reading this, you've had some interest in the otherworldly for quite some time. That being said, you've likely heard of the Mothman: a huge, winged creature that has been frightening residents of West Virginia for decades now. Today, I bring you a case very similar, but that has been taking place in the Lake Michigan region for about just as long. Today, we learn of the Owlman.

So, what is the Owlman? Similar to the Mothman, it's described as a large, winged humanoid creature with glowing red eyes. As of this date, there have been over sixty recorded sightings of this being starting all the way back in the 1960s. Most encounters seem to happen during the night, where witnesses claim to see this huge beast flying over them, occassionally swooping low enough to skim over cars. Yet, there have been some very real testimonies that speak of nearly face-to-face contact with the Owlman.
A very compelling account of this was recorded in Occtober of 2019 outside of Rosemont, Illinois. A woman, whose name has been removed for privacy's sake, is quoted as saying this about her experience,

"I’m very hesitant to write to you with what I saw but the more I think about it, the more I have to tell someone about it. My name is (REDACTED) and I live in Rosemont, Illinois, on (REDACTED). I have been living in Rosemont most of my adult life and I work in a nearby suburb as an (REDACTED). One of the perks of living where I live is that there is a (REDACTED) nearby and I can take walks to the park, sit down and escape for a little while. I enjoy taking walks at night when I am usually alone and can lose myself in my thoughts.

This particular night, I could not sleep and decided to take a walk and sit for a few minutes in the cold and maybe that would bring about the urge to sleep and I could come back and get ready for bed. I put on my jacket and step outside and (REDACTED). As I step across (REDACTED), I notice that the area seemed strangely quiet, even with two expressways nearby. Mind you, I did not expect to hear crickets and such with the cold but the whole vibe seemed a

I sat at the usual place and I had not been there for more than five minutes when I saw the strangest thing. It looked like a very tall man standing by the (REDACTED) but the man was unusually tall and very thin. The man was standing next to what looked like a smaller man who seemed also very frail and thin but whose head was disproportionate to his body. They seemed to be conversing but I could not hear anything from where I was sitting. As I watched them, a pair of women walked up and just stood there, almost as if they were in a daze. The tall person then did something that just shook me to my core and it was then that I realized that I should not have been there at that particular moment. The tall gentleman unfurled what looked like huge wings and stretched them out and then tucked them back in as the women approached. The smaller man then turned to the two women and that is when the area was bathed in bright (blue) light. The light only lasted at the very most one to two seconds and then only the tall winged being remained. The being then unfurled his wings and walked away from the waterfall, took a step or two while flapping his wings and took off. I watched it fly away and it reminded me how a goose would fly, low and steadily gaining speed. I remained where I was and it was almost a full minute before I took a breath and tried to wrap my head around what I had just seen. To tell you the truth I was almost afraid to leave that (REDACTED) and make the walk back home, but when I did leave I almost sprinted back home and only felt secure when I shut the main door behind me and made my way upstairs to my apartment.

I do not know what I saw. I have no explanation for what I witnessed and there is no way I can describe it to anyone. I am certain that I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and I pray to God that I was not noticed. Whatever the result of this report, I had to get it off of my chest and tell someone about what I saw that night and hope that someone will believe me and not think that my cheese has slipped off of my cracker."

The witness continues to go on and explain her further encounters with lucid dreams and a strange man claiming to be an investigater approaching her. You can read the full interview with Lon Strickler of Phantoms and Monsters here.

As of December 2019, there have still been further sightings of this mysterious Owlman just outside of Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. Check out this list of sightings and let me know what you think. Is there something paranormal looming around the Lake Michigan area? Or have we just not yet discovered a new species of bat or bird?


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The Bunny Man




If you grew up anywhere near Fairfax County, Virginia, then you've likely heard the tale of the Bunny Man. The Bunny Man- an escaped patient from an insane asylum who lives in the woods around the Colchester Overpass near Clifton, eating rabbits to stay alive and dismembering anyone who dares come close enough with an ax.

As the legend goes, the asylum near Clifton soon became a concern to the residents in the town. You see, what was once a small farming community was now expanding. In 1904, the old asylum was shut down and the patients were being moved to the newly-built Lorton Prison. As the bus came to the bridge at Colchester Overpass, it broke down. In the chaos that followed, all the patients were accounted for.

That is, all but one: Douglas Griffon. Griffon had been sent to the state asylum after brutally murdering his parents with an ax on Easter Sunday. He'd been the tender age of twelve years old. Any searches conducted by law officials after this point only turned up the severely mangled corpses of rabbits. There was no other sign of Griffon.
The story continues with a few variations that all ultimately end up with the same outcome. A group of teenagers end up under the bridge on Halloween night, doing what all teenagers love to do on a night for mischief. A man dressed as a bunny, wielding an ax comes upon them and viciously attacks them, hanging their mutilated bodies from the overpass, looking much like the rabbits scattered about the woods.

Although this sounds like the typical local folklore parents tell their children to keep them from doing mischievious things, there are some true occurences that relate to the Bunny Man legend. In the 1970s, there were a string of instances where a man who appeared to be wearing a bunny suit and wielding an ax terrorized locals trespassing near a bridge in Fairfax County. In one case, he even threw a hatchet at a young couple's windshield.

It's hard to say how much truth lies in all of the claims, but over the course of the next few years, the Fairfax police received over fifty reports of Bunny Man attacks.
So- is this just a creepy tale? Some like to think that the Bunny Man is the spirit of Douglas Griffon. Others believe it to be just a pranking local who took the story a bit too far. There is one way for you to find out, though, if you dare. Go out to the Colchester Overpass near Clifton, Virginia, and walk the bridge at midnight.


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Black Eyed Children




Black eyed children are described as supernatural beings with an appearance of human children ranging anywhere between the ages of 6 and 16. As the name suggests, they look almost entirely normal except for their unusually pale skin and entirely black eyes. Most encounters documented have found them to come up to random strangers in an attempt to hitchhike or by simply knocking on the front door. Typically, they then ask if they can use the telephone or get a ride home. Those who have encountered these children say that they are often overcome with a deep sense of dread.
So where did this legend start? Sources say that the first recorded account of an encounter with these children was made by Brian Bethel, a journalist, who posted about it on a Google Groups listing for spooky stories. He'd been stopped outside of a movie theater, filling out a check when two boys came up to his car and knocked on the window. They explained that they were going to a movie, but realized they didn't have any money, and were wondering if Brian would be able to give them a lift home.

Bethel, upon hearing the way the child spoke, says that he was instantly filled with a deep, chilling sense of fear that he could not easily explain right away. The taller of the two boys continued in a voice that seemed to imply that they needed to be given permission to enter Brian's vehicle. Just as he was about to open the car door, Mr. Bethel snapped his hand back and broke his eye contact with the boy. When he looked back up, in an attempt to explain the situation away, he became aware of something he had not noticed before: the boys' eyes were entirely black .

Immediately, he snapped to his senses, threw his car in reverse and tailed it out of the parking lot. Looking back, the two strange boys had completely vanished from sight.
After this first sighting, the internet seemed to explode with more sightings of these mysterious black eyed children. Whether all or any of these claims are true, it's hard to say. All I know for certain is if any strange children come knocking on my car window, I most certainly will not be giving them a ride home for some movie money.

Have you had any instances with black eyed children or know of anyone who has?


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The Congress Inn




The Congress Inn is a hotel located in Nashville, Tennessee, that is shrouded in as much mystery as it is history. During times of the Civil War, it was used as a temporary hospital for housing wounded and dying soldiers. According to the claims of locals, it is said that when the bodies began to pile up and there was no longer room to store them, they were then cemented into the walls of the basement.

That's enough for any spooky legend to form, but it doesn't end just there.

Although there haven't been many cases of guests reporting creepy incidences, there is one incredibly popular story that has been circulated around the web for quite some time. In 1987, a man was staying at the Congress Inn when he was suddenly awoken to a heavy weight on his lower body. For several seconds, he struggled to move but to no avail. Strangely, he could see nothing holding him down. Then, as quickly as it happened, it stopped. Only later in the morning, after speaking to locals in the area, did he learn of the grisly history of the small hotel.

As far as other sightings go, there doesn't seem to be many personal encounters online. There has been mention of a ghostly figure, dressed in Civil War attire, who appears in doorways from time to time. A ghost hunter claims to have gotten small EMF readings after spending several hours there. So, is the Congress Inn really haunted or is this just another local legend that's gotten spun larger over time? The only way to find out is to book a room there and find out for yourself!

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One of the most recognized creatures from Navajo beliefs is the skinwalker, which is referred to as "yee naaldloolshii," or "he who goes on all fours." Yet it also a taboo subject. Said to have been evil witches with the magical power to shapeshift to animals, there is an aura of supernatural powers to the skinwalker.

They are said to run faster than cars, read minds and possess bodies. Common sightings infer that the skinwalker's eyes glow red, and appear animalistic- many encounters describe them as us a combination of human traits with those of coyotes, wolves, or dogs. 

Historical accounts of the skinwalker vary. In general, it is said they inhabit parts of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah (in particular, Sherman Ranch). It has been advised to avoid these creatures as they symbolize a bad omen. They are hard to kill, according to many witnesses who've encountered these creatures. 

I have never encountered a skinwalker personally. Nor do I plan to. But upon further research of this entity, I wanted to share several experiences I came across and will leave the judgment up to you next time you're out alone at night on a dark drive. Or the next time you hear that scratching on your roof or the dogs barking outside, venture outside if you dare... 

According to, in an article written by Brian Dunning, he describes the following encounters:

"In 1983, a family in Flagstaff, Arizona was woken in the middle of the night by the sound of drumming outside. Investigating, they saw the dark forms of three men repeatedly trying and failing to climb a fence to get onto their property. They invited a Navajo woman to investigate, and she reported that the men had been skinwalkers who wanted the family's power but couldn't get in because some spell was protecting the home.

A Bureau of Indian Affairs security officer working on the Ute reservation near Fort Duchesne (doo-SHEN) spotted a large, dark, round-looking creature outside a tribal building that vaulted a wall and ran away with surprising speed when confronted. He called another officer, and the two chased it through the neighborhood called Little Chicago. It knocked over trash cans throughout the town as it escaped. They described its eyes as coal red and unusually large.

A family driving through the Navajo reservation along route 163 in southern Utah was shocked as a dark hairy animal wearing a man's clothes suddenly sprang out of a ditch and lunged at their truck with its arms up over its head. It had glowing eyes and despite its dark fur, looked like no animal they'd ever seen. They sped away, leaving the ugly beast behind."

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The Cemetery of Leesville, Texas


//Image provided under fair use of the copyright of Chuck Taylor

The cemetery of Leesville, Texas has always had a spooky aura. There have been various reports of the ghost of a young child walking the tombs in daylight, playing and frolicking innocently enough. But is there more in store for this burgeoning threshold and crucible of paranormal activity? Within its boundaries, there lies the victims of gunfights, brutal family disputes and other ghostly remnants of the dark-side of western and rural existence. 

Walking its gates, one can smell death and old age, the smell of bedsheets of deathbeds, decaying flowers left in ones dying hours linger in your nostrils, astral sounds of mourning and grief echo across the landscape. But the locals will tell you that you're just hearing and smelling the cows next door.

The local cemetery association warns at its yearly meetings that speaking with the press of such matters is prohibited. However, word gets around. 

The school house across the block has its own circuit of legend. Walking across its facades, one can often hear the sounds of chalk gradually gracing its non-existent chalkboards; sometimes one hears erasers being pounded together, chalk dust appearing in mid-air; but no erasers and no student to be found. 

I will be visiting Leesville Cemetery with camera in-hand very soon. Hopefully I can catch some of this action on film.


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La Llorona

Before the 2019 film, "The Curse of La Llorona" premiered, I remembered vivid stories of La Llorona (literal translation to "The Crying Woman") that I heard as a child. There were ties that claimed she existed in areas of Mexico and the southwestern United States- tales varying from Arizona and New Mexico. Being born and raised in Arizona, the chills went up my spine each night I walked by the dried out Santa Cruz River by my house. I was young when I was told why I needed to avoid the river at night. 

It was said La Llorona, a woman named Maria, had drowned her children in a jealous rage because her husband loved their children more than her. Realizing what she had done, she had eventually drowned herself as well. But her soul was never at peace and she has been said to be spending eternity searching for the souls of her children. She wanders ditches, washes, and flood areas in her state of shame and despair. 

Her cries echo through the night and she drowns children mistakenly as she encounters them. The hair on my neck stood up as a child, scared to venture too far at night knowing La Llorona could be lurking anywhere. 

It could just be folklore. Perhaps a Mexican American myth that flooded memories of my childhood. Or it could be true? I don't venture out to the Santa Cruz River til this day due to the stories of La Llorona. Why risk that chance?

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The Egyptian Nile

The ancient Egyptian culture is perhaps one of the most fascinating of all time. The pharoahs along with their elaborate lifestyles have given a treasure trove of information to us. I have travelled around the world and enjoyed learning about many civilizations, Egypt by far is my favorite. It's almost an obsession. I find myself thinking about the undiscovered tombs, temples and the everyday life that hasn't changed much for the last 5000 years. The Egyptian have a saying, "Once you drink from the River Nile, you will always return." It seems to be true in my case.

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The Wendigo




The Wendigo

Have you ever heard of it? The first time I encountered this mythical creature is in the video game Fallout 1 & 2. I Googled it and it turned out to be an interesting mythical creature which has many tales bound to it.

The wendigo is a mythical creature in the Algonquian Mythology. It is said to be a malevolent cannibalistic spirit who has the ability to transform into human form and the ability to possess humans. This legend is also known to reinforce cannibalism as taboo.

It was said to be an entity that resembles the cold and the north. In popular culture it is depicted to be a dog-like creature with antlers. However, according to sources related to the origin of this myth it looks more human than animal. It might be closer to a zombie than any other pop-culture beasts. The Wendigo is said to have ash-grey skin with bones pushing out. Its face wore sunken hollow eyes, red bloody lips and sharp yellowish fangs. You can probably be warned before hand that it is coming because it gives of the smell of a rotting carcass.

The Wendigo Psychosis

It was said that you are possessed by a wendigo spirit if you develop the desire to eat human flesh.


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Bhangarh Fort : The City of Trapped Souls

Bhangarh is a ruined  in  that is famous for its historical ruins. It is in the municipality of the in the state of . The modern village has a population of 1,306 in 200 households. Bhangarh is also a popular tourist attraction. (Wikipedia) 




Archeological facts:  

Bhangarh has great things to offer in the field of Archeology. Excavations through out the vicinity discovered different types of tools used by early humans from pre-historic period.

Recorded history of Bhangarh started in year 1573 when the fortress was said to be built by Raja Bhagawant Das, the ruler of the city of Amber.

The most probable reason for the people of Bhangarh to disappear is famine just like how the Mayan civilization abandoned their massive temples.

Two Myths:  

The city of Bhangarh was cursed bu the Guru Balu Nath, who permitted the construction of the town with a condition that states that : “The moment the shadows of your palaces touch me, the city shall be no more!.” When a descendant unknowingly renovated the palace to a height that casts a shadow on Balu Nath’s retreat, he cursed the town. Balu Nath is said to be buried with in Bhangarh’s vicinity and is theorized to still have influence over the dilapidated ruins.

The other myth tells about of that of the Princess of Bhangarh Ratnaviti, who was 18 and is to be wed to whom ever deserve her across the region. There was this magician who was a master in the occult arts named Singhia who was madly in love with her. Singhia was desperate to make the princess his bride and tried to put her in his spell by dosing her with magic oil. The princess knew of this and acquired the elixir and poured it on the sand. The magic oil turned into a boulder and killed Singhia. With the magician’s last breath he cursed the place with death all human life. The souls of the dead would for ever remain in the city for ever and would never cross limbo or can never be reincarnated. 

Paranormal Occurrences/Activities :

The Archeological Survey of India (ASI) placed a sign board for tourists and archeologists alike which states:


“Entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited.”

They said that authorities prohibited access to the city at nightfall because there were a lot of disappearances. Some say that the city vanishes at night and human beings would disappear along with the whole city. However, when the sun rises the temples  and all the bricks would reappear but human souls would be lost forever. 

I've read stories and accounts that claimed of hearing a loud sharp scream of a woman. There were also known humanoid apparitions. Many tourists also claim that the place made them anxious and ill. 

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Being Sensitive or Just Being Paranoid?

We all know the sensation when someone stares at you from behind. The sensation always lets you turn your back to check if your gut is right. However, there’s a big differences when you are already in a mindset that you WOULD be watched. Expectation blocks the intuition. I think it’s just the same thing when you feel or when you think you feel the paranormal. A morbidly looking place may make you feel uneasy and scared. On the other hand, a comfortable place puts you in a mindset that you are safe. You may misjudge the place as being haunted just because it looks haunted. You may also feel uneasy not just with the looks of the place but with stories about it. Like for example, one particular room is said to be haunted, you may feel uneasy knowing that this place has the possibility of being haunted. Therefore the mindset that a place is possibly haunted blurs out your authentic gut feelings that tell a place is haunted or not. These biased feelings may affect judgment consciously and unconsciously.

So how would I know if I am just paranoid about a place or am I authentically feeling a supernatural presence?3206769976?profile=original

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Haunted Diplomat Hotel

3206770052?profile=originalThe former Diplomat Hotel in Baguio City, Philippines is an abandoned building which is allegedly saw the beheading of priests and nuns during the World War II. Former hotel employees and the residents in the area said that they heard howling and screaming even at daytime and often seen headless man walking the hallways.

In 1987, the hotel stopped its operation and it has been closed to the public since the death of the owner, Tony Agpaoa. It was held off limits to all visitors too. However, the residents living nearby the hotel would frequently be disturbed by screams coming from the building, banging of doors and windows and clattering of dishes.

Plenty of documentaries and stories have been written about this mysterious building. Until now, many people interested and like to see its ruins in person, the once grand hotel in Baguio City.

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The Vanishing Hitchhiker

The vanishing hitchhiker story is an urban legend in which individuals traveling by vehicle meet with or are followed by a hitchhiker who afterwards disappears without explanation, often from a moving vehicle. Vanishing hitchhikers have been reported for centuries and the tale is found across the world, with numerous versions. The popularity and endurance of the legend has served it spread into actual common culture.

The primary modern vanishing hitchhiker is a figure seen in the headlights of a vehicle traveling by night with one occupant. The form acquires the position of a hitchhiker. The motorist stops and allows the figure a lift. The travel goes on, sometimes in total silence, and at some subsequent point, the passenger seems to disappear while the vehicle is in motion. In numerous cases, the hitchhiker disappears when the vehicle reaches the hitchhiker's destination.

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Astral Projection : Out of Body Experiences

My mother has more than a dozen stories but one in particular held so much meaning to her because it was about almost losing her lover, my father. When they were still not married my father often go out and drink. He was totally wasted one night, he drove his motorcycle straight at a running bus. He was rushed to the hospital with his face smashed so morbidly he had to breath through a tube inserted through his esophagus. The doctors claimed him dead but my mother would not accept it. He was dead for about 2hours. He came back after a while. 

My father always share the details of what he saw that day. He claimed he has seen his face all smashed up in the hospital room. He could see my mother crying. But the weird thing is he claimed he could hear music and there was a bright light. He said the music was ambient, calm, soothing and alluring. It was like calling him to another place. He saw images of things he could not explain yet he said they did not scare him but rather gave him comfort. After that all he could remember was waking up in the hospital room he saw. Then he realized it wasn't a dream. 

I could still see his scars until now. 

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Manananggal in the Philippines

3206769883?profile=originalI am originally from the Philippines and there, we have that what they call the "Manananggal" which is a mythical creature, a witch-like person usually woman that can detach her upper half of her body to her lower half. She usually flies at night to sucks blood from her victims and eat the fetus from a mother's womb.

Application of salt and garlic on the lower half of her body while the other half is away will make it impossible for the manananggal to return to its original form.

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Christianity & Ghosts

I thought this was interesting when doing my bible study, I stumbled across this article, albeit, I cant give the author credit since I forgot where I was.

  Apart from ancient Pagan writings with ghosts, You most likely know, Christianity also offers its share of ghost stories. Just about all saint apparitions are ghost sightings. They will often come as good mood, to work some miracle, to advise and guide those that believe in them, or they may come demanding anything to be done or as angry mood,  

In the dawn of Catholicism, the Church accepted that intervention of ghosts been around, slowly the opinions of the people inside this religious beliefs has changed. In the 16th century, with the 2nd great division of the Church - between a Catholic and a Protestant one - occured, the Protestants adapted most of the Catholic rules and began to preach that although the souls with the dead could inhabit your Purgatory, Heaven and Hell, the spirits that will appear to the trustworthy were mere illusions or demons in the shape of their loved ones. And another change in the belief of the Protestants would happen through the rule of King Adam I of Britain, the one who claimed that the Bible was re-written and also the reviewers had to make all kinds of adjustments to it, to fix the view of their superior. 

This Bible is the one that has been used throughout the time by all the Protestant religions around the world. King James was caught as a fanatic who witnessed a myriad of demonic acts anywhere he or he thought, he showed that apparitions, all ghosts  and all spiritual intervention weren't in the Church, we were looking at the works of Satan. 

When the 18th century came, that European world was completing through crucial changes in philosophy and all spiritual manifestations began to be regarded with skepticism, including those relating to the Christian belief. 

In the 19th century Allan Kardec useful to teach several different sciences with his home, such as Chemistry and Anatomy, and he had been a student involving Medicine, he or she always explained his beliefs in the scientific way and in 1857, he or she published "The Book of the Spirits" in which he established the foundation of the Spiritism, he explained his beliefs in simple terms, which were considered subversive by the Catholic Church right away. But even though this different approach, the Spiritism is totally based on Christianity. While the beliefs of the Western world changed through the centuries, due to the control that the Catholic Church had on the knowledge of the instances, in the Eastern world the beliefs continued much the same. A number of the Eastern religions accept that the souls of the dead can appear to the living and that reincarnation can be done. 

As you know, this is one of the most complex subjects associated with human knowledge, since there's much myth and a myriad of lies involved in it and everyone, as per their own beliefs together with creeds, regards it in another way. 

Those who claim to be religious mediums themselves, a poor reasons to believe they have contact with the souls with the dead and those who believe they've already seen angels, new orleans saints, gods, enlightened spirits, challenges, etc, people obviously see no reason in doubting the power of the spiritual nation.



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